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30th of April 2016
Indonesia – Praise God for Bridge of Hope groups that have been saving money and are now able to help other members with their savings.


Indonesia Short Term Team 2016

Spend a week teaching conversational English to students at UKRIM Emmanuel Christian University in Yogyakarta. From the 5th to the 11th of June 2016.


China Short Term Team 2016

Spend two weeks teaching conversational English to secondary students in DuAn with A&A Ministries. From the 8th to the 22nd of July 2016.

Short Term Teams 2016
March 28th - April 10th (TEAM FULL)
Medical and Ministry Team
Working with Hohidiai's medical clinic and Primary School.
April 22nd - May 7th (2 vacancies)
Medical and Ministry Team
Working with HEAL Africa medical and ministry staff.
Early May
Vision Trip
Visiting HEAL Africa and Ephphatha Deaf School in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Wakisa Ministries and Christian Fellowship Ministries in Uganda.
June 5th - 11th
English Teaching Camp
Teaching English to UKRIM university students in Yogyakarta.
July 8th - 22nd
English Teaching Camp
Teaching conversational English to secondary students in Guangxi with A&A Ministries.
Medical and Ministry Team
Working with Christian Fellowship Ministries medical and ministry staff.
Medical and Ministry Team
Helping run rural medical clinics and other ministry projects with A&A Ministries.


A&A Ministry Partner Visit

Come to an event in April to hear Alfred and Alsie Ng share about the work of A&A Ministries in China.



Bangalore City Mission Urgent Appeal

Sinclair's High School, overcrowded and unsafe


The Great Warby Bike Ride

Join us for a scenic bike ride along the Warburton rail trail in the beautiful Yarra Ranges to support WorldShareministry partners in China, Uganda, Myanmar and Indonesia.

girls PMF appeal

Philippine Missionary Fellowship

Donate to support outreach workers in the Philippines.





Partners Review Summer Edition

Read the latest news and updates about our Ministry Partners.

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