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End of Financial year Appeal



As the financial year draws to a close, before God, we thank you so much.  Over the years, we have been truly humbled by the love, generosity and faithfulness that you have demonstrated in your giving to WorldShare’s end-of-financial-year appeal.  Your financial contribution is both a source of strength and encouragement.  In partnership with you, together we can bring transformation to the needy, lost and unreached people in critical areas such as building the church, health & education, helping children, empowering women and transforming communities.  Your gift will continue to resource our ministry partners to faithfully deliver programs and services to enable spiritual, physical and social transformation to their own people. 


Prudent financial management is paramount to us.  Our critical operating costs remain at 8% (among the lowest in Australian charitable organisations) so that 92% of your gift can directly benefit our overseas partners.  We are striving to reduce costs further so that the more you give, the more we can send.


We take great responsibility and regard every gift a privilege as we serve our overseas ministry partners and provide sustainable help where it is most needed.  For example, in a recent mission trip to partner HEAL Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, founder Dr. Jo Lusi praised WorldShare and its supporters for ongoing support and partnership.  He said


"You Australians walk alongside us.  It is so important.  You are the only ones that have stayed with us for a long time (since the humble beginnings of HEAL Africa in 1999).  You share with us, you eat with us, you have community with us – you are a great encouragement.  Thank you so much.”


 To donate to the End of financial year appeal, please click here    


Good News! Phase 1 of the building project has now been completed, thanks to supporters like you!

“ Praise the Lord for the provision of Phase 1 of the building project. This has enabled us to build the basement, ground and first floor of the school. Your prayers and financial support have enabled us to complete the structure of this phase of the building work. Thank you”


Jonathan Paul, Executive Director of Bangalore City Mission.

The good news is that Phase 1 of the building project has been completed, thanks to supporters like you. Sinclair’s High School educates 600+ students living in poverty from the rock quarries. The school has grown to the point that the facilities have become overcrowded and unsafe. The State government has given the school an ultimatum: provide adequate space immediately or up to 250 vulnerable students will be transferred to the notorious Indian public school system. This requires completion of Phase 2 of the building and fitout of the school.


How can you help?


To Donate Click here
To Read more about BCM Click here



Come to an event to learn more about the work of Bangalore City Mission in India and Sponsor A Child or Donate Now.


Jonathan Sinclair Paul is Executive Director of Bangalore City Mission, working in local, poor communities in the fields of education, health care, vocational training, clean water projects, children’s homes and other community development projects. BCM was started in 1990 by Jonathan’s parents, Dr DK Paulraj and Mrs Violet Paulraj. BCM and Sinclairs High School came about in response to their desire to save the children working in the local quarries which deprived them of an education.

Satish Kumar. Tragically, at age 14, Satish witnessed his father’s death when his father set fire to himself and the house. BCM stepped in providing education, shelter and support to Satish and his family who were left destitute. Satish was able to finish his education during these very difficult years, thanks to the support of BCM through the Sponsor a Child program. Satish went on to work in both USA and Australia gaining valuable skills and insights with the aim of returning to BCM to help them with their vision. He is now the Business Manager at BCM, putting back into the ministry that changed his life. In addition, Satish and his wife are both youth pastors at their local church. 


Events in Brisbane

Date: Sunday 28th of Feb

Time: 9:30am

Event: Church Service

Location: Kuraby Church of Christ, 173 Compton Rd, Kuraby, QLD

Contact:  Phil Arnold | Regional Advancement Manager | | (02) 9899 2044


Date: Sunday 28th of Feb

Time: 2:30pm

Event: Information Evening

Location: Noosa Life Anglican Church, Noosa 17 William St, Tewantin, QLD

Contact:  Phil Arnold | Regional Advancement Manager | | (02) 9899 2044


Events in Melbourne

Date: Wednesday 2nd of March

Time: 7:30pm

Event: Information Evening 

Location: Noble Park Baptist Church, 152 Harold Rd, Noble Park, VIC

Contact:  Phil Cogger | VIC Advancement Manager | | (02) 9899 2044


Date: Saturday 5th of March

Time: 6:00pm

Event: Information Evening 

Location: St Matthew’s Anglican Church, 334 High St, Ashburton

Contact:  Phil Cogger | VIC Advancement Manager | | (02) 9899 2044


Date: Sunday 6th of March

Time: 10:00am

Event: Church Service

Location: Living Streams Church, 245 Middleborough Road, Box Hill South

Contact:  Phil Cogger | VIC Advancement Manager | | (02) 9899 2044


Events in Sydney

Date: Tuesday 8th of March

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Event: Sponsor A Child event

Location: ADS-Advance Diversity Services, 552 Princess Hwy, Rockdale, NSW

Contact: Liliana Mora | Sponsor A Child Coordinator | | (02) 9712 8222

Click here to download an invitation PDF

Date: Wednesday 9th of March

Time: 12:00pm-2:30pm

Event: Fundraising Luncheon

Location: The Mint (Auditorium), 10 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW

Contact: Jenny Crameri | Asia Partnership Manager | | 0418 387433 

Numbers limited to 50

Click here to download an invitation PDF


Date: Thursday 10th of March

Time: 7:30-8:30pm

Event: Bangalore City Mission-Call to Action

Location: St. Andrews Anglican Church, Bancroft Ave, Roseville NSW (Meet in the Kelmanroom)

RSVP: WorldShare: (02) 9712 8222 or Church office: (02) 9712 8222

Click here to download an invitation PDF


More event details coming soon.




Focus on HEAL Africa at fundraising dinner 

Over 100 people attended a wonderful night on Friday 20 November at the Kew Golf Club in Melbourne to raise funds for HEAL Africa projects. Over $12,000 was raised on the night through a live auction, sponsorship of children and support for club foot operations for children and training of orthopaedic officers.

Guest speaker Tony Park launched his latest book set in Africa, ‘An Empty Coast’, with the profits raised going to HEAL Africa. Tony has been the guest speaker at previous dinners and we are thankful for his support of African projects. Thanks must also go to volunteers Tammy Shepherd and Simone Bahler for their organisation of the event. HEAL Africa is WorldShare’s ministry partner in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in a wartorn area where over five million people have died due to ethnic violence. The larger HEAL Africa hospital in Goma provides medical assistance to the poor and supports the training of health professionals.

HEAL Africa also conducts a wide variety of programs targeting social, physical and economic needs.

Click here to sponsor a child in DRC. The sponsorship program is overseen by HEAL Africa and is conducted through local church advocates who ensure the program runs smoothly. Sponsorship ensures the child attends school, the parents/care givers have access to incomegenerating workshops and the family is cared for.


A big year for Wakisa Ministries

2015 was a very big year for Wakisa Ministries. Vivian Kityo and her committed staff cared for close to 100 vulnerable, pregnant, teenage girls who have been abandoned by their fathers and families. These girls receive unconditional love, antenatal care, counselling and a safe birth. Vivian works hard to reconcile the families to accept the mother and grandchild and if possible give the girls the opportunity to return to school.

WorldShare introduced Vivian to Melbourne midwife, Marg Docking, Director of Wise Choices for Life, which runs Train-the-Trainer Workshops in reproductive health in Uganda. Vivian and Marg co-authored a book about puberty called What’s happening to me? – Questions about Growing Up. In recognition of Vivian’s contribution to the community, Vivian was awarded Country and Africa Regional winner in the Welfare and Civil Society category in August 2015 by a South African organisation in their search for the most influential CEOs in Africa in business and governance.

2015 also marked ten years of ministry at Wakisa. A celebration was held on 12 December attended by WorldShare short-term-team members. It was a joyous celebration for past and present staff and for the girls whose lives have been transformed by the dedication and care from Wakisa. Photo: Marg Docking, Director of Wise Choices for Life with Vivian Kityo.


Hohidiai Directors make a visit to Australia

Peter and Esther Scarborough, the Founders and Directors of Hohidiai made a WorldShare Ministry Partner visit to Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania and regional areas in October 2015.

Australian-born Peter and Esther established Hohidiai in 2004 to train local healthworkers and provide support for internally displaced people once they returned totheir villages following terrible conflict in the area. Hohidiai means “to restore” in the local dialect. It has grown from those early days to establish a base to treat the local poor with over 12,000 patients treated in 2015. It includes a hospital, emergency building, tuberculosis and leprosy rehabilitation centre, five children’s homes caring for 50 children, clinic workers’ accommodation and community centre, and staff quarters. A Primary School from preparatory to grade 5 is currently on the base and land has been purchased to build a new school near the capital Tobelo. This is a wonderful ministry to local children providing good education within a Christian context.


Peter and Esther promoted Hohidiai at many venues and had the opportunity to catch up with many faithful supporters and potential supporters. They shared with us that HIV/AIDS is a real problem, with alltemporary isolation units overflowing. They are desperately needing to build suitable accommodation to care for the increasing number of patients. Short Term Teams work with Hohidiai on a regular basis. Photo: Peter and Esther (right) with supporters during their recent Ministry Partner visit. 

Support Hohidiai, go on a Short Term Team or contact Jenny Crameri, Asia Partnership Manager on for further information. 



Bangalore City Mission - Jonathan Sinclair Paul visiting Australia in March


Executive Director of Bangalore City Mission (BCM) in India, Jonathan Sinclair Paul, is making a ministry partner visit to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in March 2016.

BCM was established by Jonathan’s parents to educate a few children from very poor families who worked in the nearby stone quarries. These families havenever been educated and are bound by the poverty that suppresses them. BCM has grown to include Sinclair’s High School educating over 700 children from kindergarten to year 10 and many community development programs such asvocational training for women, health and sanitation clinics and education, cleandrinking water needs and a Sponsor-a-Child program. WorldShare has been in partnership with BCM since 2003. We are looking forward to bringing Jonathan to Australia to share this wonderful story. We are hoping to expand the Sponsor-a-Child program and to assist with the School Building Expansion project.

A special lunch will be held at the historic building The Mint in Sydney on Wednesday 9 March. Interested persons can contact Jenny Crameri, Asia PartnerManager about this or for any other matters related to the visit on  We hope to see you there! Dates and locations of the BCM visit.





The Joy of Serving in Uganda

In November WorldShare led a short-term team to Uganda to serve with our ministry partners Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM) and Wakisa Ministries.

Wakisa is a ministry of love, compassion and mercy to vulnerable young women, based in Kampala the capital of Uganda. It provides pregnancy care, counselling and teaches vocational skills to pregnant young women.

CFM, based in Mbale in eastern Uganda, is reaching Uganda for Christ through church planting, evangelism, leadership training, micro-enterprise projects and through a sponsor-a-child program.

WorldShare has been partnering with CFM and Wakisa since 2008. We provide funding through supporters, raise awareness, provide advocacy, source equipment and send teams to work in Uganda.

The team ran a mobile medical clinic in villages outside Mbale that are supported by CFM. Doctors gave advice, tested for malaria and HIV, treated illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and tuberculosis. The following week they ministered to the pregnant girls at Wakisa providing one-on-one health care consultations and participating in their daily activities.

Teams typically visit for a two-week period and provide encouragement and skills to our ministry partners. Depending on the needs of the partners and the skills of the team members, team activities vary to bring the best outcome for the ministry partners.

Please contact Africa Partnership Manager, Kate Munns on if you would be interested in going on a team to Uganda.

Partners Review 2016 Summer Edition


Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you know that we are doing well here. The children at the Elizabeth Academy, Philippine Missionary Fellowship are happy, respectful, warm and delightful.

We are adapting well to the heat and the challenge of 15 to 25 children in a very small classroom, with limited English. The team are doing a wonderfull job. Our message about how big God is, and how much He loves us, is coming through in many creative ways. We are so thankful for the team members that God has brought together with so many different skills, abilities and great attitudes of serving and giving.

Please pray that the Lord will use our efforts to plant a seed in many young lives that will grow to produce great fruit.

The staff are also wonderful to work with. The Elizabeth Academy is humming along beautifully, and they are so grateful of our support. They are especially thankful for the new rooms that are being added so that the number of students can eventually grow from 250 to 600! This means that new sponsorships for children will be vital.


Phil Arnold

Team Leader

The Philippines Short Term Team 2015


To get regular Facebook updates, go to the WorldShare page and click Like.



The Sinclairs High School building is overcrowded and unsafe. With 600 kids, space is inadequate and the single, 3 foot wide exit staircase represents a massive risk if the building has to be evacuated in an emergency. Also the classrooms are only 3.5m x 3m and too small to provide an environment conducive to learning.

The State government has given BCM an ultimatum to provide adequate space by December 2015. If the school fails to provide this, up to 250 students will have to leave the school and children like Satish "see story below" will lose the chance of a life-changing Christian education.

Jonathan Paul, Director of BCM, said “We are desperate to provide adequate facilities for the students here in Bangalore. BCM’s Sinclair’s High School has now educated 2,000 students over the past 25 years from underprivileged families. Please help us to grow this wonderful ministry to the poor”.


Donate now


Satish's Story: Satish grew up in a very poor family in Bangalore, India and started at Sinclair’s High School in Bangalore, founded by Bangalore City Mission (BCM). Tragically, at age 14 Satish witnessed his father’s death when he set fire to himself and the house. BCM stepped in providing education, shelter and support to Satish and his family who were left destitute. Satish was able to finish his education during these very difficult years, thanks to the support from BCM. He is now the Business Manager at BCM, putting back into the ministry that changed his life. In addition, Satish and his wife are the youth pastors at their local church.


Come to hear Hohidiai Directors, Peter and Esther Scarborough share about their ministry in Indonesia. Learn more about Hohidiai


Events in NSW

Sun 18th of Oct | 9:30am | St Mary's Baptist Church, 253 Great Western HWY St Marys

Mon 19th of Oct | 12.00-1.00pm | Fellowship lunch at the WorldShare Office, 61-63 Great North Road, Five Dock. RSVP by the 16th of October, call our Sydney office on (02) 9712 8222

Tue 20th of Oct | 7:30pm | Parkes Presbyterian Church, Cnr Gap & Hill Sts, Parkes


Events in VIC

Thu 22nd of Oct | 7.30pm | Echuca Community Church, Rose St, Echuca Flyer (PDF)

Sun 25th of Oct | 10.00am | East Bentleigh Community Church, Boundary Road

Sun 25th of Oct | 3.00-5.00pm | Coffee & Cake Information Afternoon, Flyer (PDF)

Tues 27th of Oct | 6.00pm | Mitcham Church of Christ


Events in TAS

Wed 28th of Oct | 7.30pm | Riverside Gospel Chapel, Launceston Flyer (PDF)

Thu 29th of Oct | 7.30pm | Tabor College/Cornerstone Presbyterian Church 45 Melville Street, Hobart Flyer (PDF)



Gregory Bacon
NSW & ACT Development & Disaster Relief Manager
p: (02) 9712 8222

Report from the Myanmar Crisis Appeal, from Dr Ben Sia

Greetings from Yangon! About three months ago, I felt prompted to make arrangements to visit Myanmar this week. I think the Lord’s timing is wonderful – that today I would have the opportunity to join our Myanmar partners, led by Rev Cha, to visit and help out at one of the flooded villages.
We drove and took a boat trip for 3 hours to reach this village “Meidai” of 300 families. The houses have been submerged in the rising flood water at its height. But thankfully the water has subsided some. Most of the people have moved back to their houses, still totally surrounded by the flood water. The surrounding farm land is totally under water. It looks like a huge lake. Sadly, the people will miss this year’s crop of rice.
This is a Buddhist village and the centre of the community is a temple hall. We arrived in our boats loaded with rice and drinking water at the temple hall where we were warmly welcomed by the village leaders. All the villagers soon came in their small boats and we distributed bags of rice and water to all the families. The people were most grateful for the little helps we can give. One woman I chatted to remarked that this was so in time for their needs and she was glad that the rice distributions have been well run and reaching the most needy people.
We prayed for the people of the village in the name of Jesus in that temple! We then visited their primary school – surrounded by water, of course. It was an opportunity to share our testimonies to the students and teachers. I would imagine many students would not have even heard about Jesus before.
In this flooded region some 60 to 100 km north of Yangon, our Myanmar partners led by Pastor Cha have reached out to 8 villages by the river that have been greatly affected. More than 700 large bags of rice and close to ten thousand bottles of drinking water have been distributed. This is physical work!
Further north, in Megway province, our partners have driven 19 hours to reach a village where 50 homes have been wiped out. Rev Cha’s team is steeping out in love and faith to seek for a piece of land where 50 houses can be rebuilt. The need is acute.
Rev Cha himself with Pastor Tun have only come back recently from the Rakhine State. They visited its capital city Sittwe and another three towns as far north as the Bangladesh border. They gave out bags of rice, water as well as school books. The border towns are 85% and 95% Muslims. But the Lord has his people there bearing his witness.
I reflected on such relief work. Really, our help is so small and temporary. Yet, in such time of needs, such help supplying food for even a few weeks to a family is so much appreciated. This has opened doors for us to bless them with a greater impact. There are plans and invitations now for Rev Cha’s team to come back to these regions, towns and villages to give help especially to their students. These helps can be through “Student Centres” established and run by our partners whereby students can live-in near to their high schools or universities. Without such a live-in centre, many poor students would not be able to continue their education. Helps for their primary school students would be through “Precious Students Tuition Classes” whereby the students would come daily for 2 hours for tuitions provided by Christian tutors. With the Myanmar education system, tuitions are vital. In the Rakhine Muslim towns, the Lord has provided such experienced local Christian tutors/teachers co-workers, who would reach out to the kids and their families.
We along with our ministry teams covet your prayers for the safety and for the flood victims who have lost everything.

Dr Ben Sia

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Your gift to WorldShare will be used to directly benefit the people who need it most. Click here to donate




Update, Nelsi Urgent Appeal

Thank you for your donations which made Nelsi’s treatment possible.

“She’s got a big road ahead of her in terms of health and healing but this girl, because of her strength and willpower, and God’s amazing protections and provision, will live to tell her amazing story! Just 8 days ago, due to the fact of being so resource limited we were unsure if this beautiful girl would make it…But praise God, she’s made great progress and will continue to do so! So once again to everyone who has given prayerfully and financially, thankyou thankyou thankyou!”

- Peter and Esther Scarborough, Directors at Hohidiai

Learn more about Hohidiai


Please pray for the victims of the Myanmar flooding & landslides

The ongoing suffering of flood victims in Myanmar does not make news headlines but the situation is dire especially in remote areas. Dengue fever along with other diseases are spreading among the residents because of the increase of mosquitoes after the floods.

WorldShare Ministry Partner Rev. Cha and team safely reached the Rakhine district where the Rohinjya people live. The area is poverty stricken because the local government treats the Rohingyas as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and does not allow foreigners to go into the community.

Rev. Cha and team tried to visit the local relief centre in Rakhine but were not allowed so the team travelled directly to affected villages where they distributed 600 sacks of rice and 800 stacks of drinking water. Rev. Cha remarked that the villages are extremely poor, beyond his imagination and he has felt a sense of danger travelling so far deep into these remote regions.

Local ministry leader Magway and his team made their way into an area where the whole village had been swept away by the floods and more than 50 families were left homeless. The team is in the process of negotiating with local authorities to relocate the village from the ravine to higher ground. If the authorities agree, our local partner will appeal for funds for rebuilding fifty houses.

When the teams return they will provide a list of needs and a budget for the region with a projected cost of AUD $68,000 during this initial phase. AUD $27,000 of urgent funds are being sent over to the locals to enable them to continue with their relief work. We still have a ways to reach this goal.

We along with our ministry teams covet your prayers for their safety and for the flood victims who have lost everything. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. WorldShare does not work through third parties so your gift will be used to directly benefit the people who need it most.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support! 

Donate now to the Myanmar Crisis Appeal - Flooding & Landslides

Grace Haven run 20 homes for children and students established throughout Myanmar, more than 50 thriving churches, 126 workers and over 120 pastors in training.  Learn more


I am a Missionary

Directed and produced by the Fire and Fragrance Media Team.

Life’s Greatest Questions involve risk and significance:

  Does God have a plan for me?

  Where do I fit in God’s plans?

  What is God’s mission for me?

  How can I be more involved in God’s plan for my life?


Consider coming with WorldShare on a Short-term mission trip to:

CHINA Ministry Vision Trip, with Ministry Partners: Alfred and Alsie Ng (August 30 - September 10, 2015)

PHILIPPINES School Holiday Program, with Ministry Partners:  PMF (September 19 - October 3, 2015)

 UGANDA Medical and Ministry Trip, with Ministry Partners: CFM and Wakisa (November 13 - 29, 2015)

 INDONESIA English Teaching Camp, with Ministry Partners:  UKRIM (June 2016 )

 CHINA English Teaching Campwith Ministry Partners: Alfred and Alsie Ng (July 2016)

DRC Medical and Ministry Trip, with Ministry Partners: HEAL Africa (July 2016)


How to apply: download the application form (Excel) and email to



HEAL Africa, Ministry Partner Visit

Dr Kasereka ‘Jo’ Lusi is an orthopaedic surgeon and co-founder of HEAL Africa. Dr Justin Paluku Lussy is an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and Legal Representative of HEAL Africa.

Their vision and passion are inspiring the new generation of young medical professionals in DR Congo.


Read about current Partnership Opportunities at HEAL Africa, and donate now.


For more information, contact our Africa Partnership Manager Kate Munns:

p. 0425 724 179





Support mothers this Mother's Day

 This Mother’s Day you can support mothers in Indonesia, China and Africa.


latest_news_mothers_day2 Autumn-2015-PR-4

Mrs Kumakau

Pastor Lydia


Donate to Bridge of Hope

in Indonesia

Donate to A&A Ministries

in China - Yanbian JiLin

Donate to Wakisa Ministries

in Uganda




In memory of Principal Mo Zhen’gao


Principal Mo Zhen’gao

Principal Mo Zhen’gao of DuGao was instrumental in hosting and championing WorldShare’s annual Conversational English camp in Duan.

It is with great sadness and shock that I heard of Principal Mo’s death. He has been such an inspiration and tireless in his efforts to see young people make the best of their lives. Not only did he talk about such things, but he personally worked to ensure they would happen.

The impression he left on all the foreign teachers who came to DuAn to teach English at the school is profound. All were inspired and thrilled to be able to come and work alongside him in his efforts to give the students the best education. He helped to make it possible for the English Camp to be run for the benefit of the students. As a result many foreign teachers were able to come to Duan and experience the joy of working with the students of Duan. We all have suffered loss with his death.

I remember  a time when we ran a special class for about 80 students. The team were well received and the program was ended, but Principal Mo insisted the team perform one more drama, ‘Choices’. Principal Mo was committed to his students being able to choose the best course in life for themselves, and he spared no effort to provide the opportunities for success for all his students.

Our teams loved to come and share the Life of Eight with the students and teachers and Principal Mo of Duan.

With great sadness we say farewell to the beloved Principal Mo. We pray a blessing on his family and all he influenced in his life. 

News ArticleThousands Mourn Death of Chinese High School Principal



Update from Bangalore City Mission

During the mid-semester break in early October, Bangalore City Mission Volunteer Dianne Wicks returned to Australia for 2 weeks to visit family and speak about Sinclairs High School and her work there with their school library; here’s what she had to say about her progress:

A pallet of books has now been shipped from Wodonga and should arrive in Bangalore late December.  This will just about double the quantity of books so will enable the Library to be fully functioning.  Up until now, children have come in weekly (and some after school) to read, and they have really taken to it enthusiastically.  So I have just started loaning the books out… started with Yr 10’s and am working my way down, adding a grade each week.  It’s encouraging to see that the books are being returned and in good condition.  And not everyone is taking one out, so like the loaves and fishes, we seem to have enough books to continue lending!  Mercy Suja is a new dynamic board member who has come into the organisation and brings with her  librarian qualifications and experience, so she is able to take the library to the 'next level’.  God is so good! This is so clearly His project, not mine, but so rewarding to be a part of it.  I’ve started a library club to train interested children in the workings of a library and to assist with the day-to-day operations.  There has been a lot of initial interest, now to make it sustainable. 

The Wilmott Family from Canberra has generously sponsored an essay competition which was initiated this semester.  Each child wrote an essay, these were judged and book prizes awarded in each grade for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.  There was much excitement when the prizes were distributed and I believe the books are cherished.

Essay prize distribution

Dianne explaining to the teachers how the library is set up 

When the school year finishes in April, I plan on spending considerable time in the Health Clinic.  I would also like to hold a Women’s seminar to encourage and support the women here - everyone has a story and most are of hardship and abuse that I can only read about.  As I have a friend planning on coming over who is a psychologist and a powerful speaker, I would like to involve her in this.  Jonathan is in approval so plans are forming.
Prayer point:  That the shipment of books will pass through Customs quickly and without charge.  





Iraqi Refugee Crisis Update

WorldShare sincerely thanks all who have so generously supported our appeal to help persecuted Christian and Yezidi peoples in north Iraq.  

Taking a very short break from his work to support Christians and Yezidis fleeing from Islamic State militia, our local partner leader Yousif was able to speak to us by phone. Here are the key points he shared with us...

  • The schools which our partner runs as part of their ministry are now up and operating again. Yousif told us that they are about the only ones functioning in northern Iraq. Some sense of normal life is created by this, and the Kurdish government are very grateful for this.
  • 200 people are currently being housed in a town close to the border with Iran.
  • As more requests for help come in each day, Yousif’s team are doing their very best to respond. 966 people have come to their centre in Zakho. 356 people who were living under bridges in Dohuk are now being temporarily housed. Thousands of Yezidis are living in camps close to the border with Turkey and are pleading for help.
  • Our partners are looking into creative ways to maximise their resources. People had been paying for highly expensive bottled water, causing a huge number of logistical problems. Yousif has bought water filters and coolers. Using fresh local tap water, the team is able to provide water virtually free of charge.


When we asked him about his longer term plans, Yousif said that no-one was going to try and live within the "Islamic State". He expects that in a matter of weeks, there will be a military drive to expel ISIS from Mosul. It is too early to think about longer term plans, as the emergency is very much the main concern. 

The work that is being done by our partners is helping to unite the local Christian community. Yezidis and the Kurdish government are so supportive and thankful for all that our partners are doing. Even local Islamic leaders are thanking them.

The work that is being done by our partners is helping to unite the local Christian community. Yezidis and the Kurdish government are so supportive and thankful for all that our partners are doing. Even local Islamic leaders are thanking them.

To help stop the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, click here. Your gift will be used to provide urgent emergency care, supplies, medical support, and the love of Jesus Christ to suffering families.


Ebola Crisis Update

The current outbreak of Ebola that continues to sweep across West Africa is now the most severe outbreak in terms of the number of human cases and deaths since the discovery of the virus in 1976. More than 5000 lives have been lost to this disease. 

An elderly woman receives a bucket, soap and detergent from the Care and Prevention team and accepts the Lord as her personal Lord and Savior. She shares with the team that she’s no longer afraid of dying because she has Jesus in her life!


The Care and Prevention team working through The Association of Independent Churches of Africa have responded by distributing kits to 2,100 households. “If we have the resources, local workers will increase the number of households as long as Ebola remains a threat and as long as there is a need for public education. As the curve of infections bends down and there is general awareness about prevention, efforts will taper off. The focus then will revert back to getting the health care system in order,” reports a WorldShare ministry partner.

Currently normal diseases like malaria are going untreated with the medical system in disarray. Clinics are closed. Nurses don't want to touch patients. People are afraid to go to clinics. Local ministry partners will be in a great position to meet the next need when a local container lands with skids of masks, gowns and other supplies for health practitioners to see and care for patients safely.

Care and Prevention teams created in response to Ebola and will continue home based care, primary health care, nutrition education and counselling of various forms as a high impact low cost volunteer network. We'd want to provide them more training.

Thank you in advance for your generous response to this opportunity to serve the people of Iraq and Liberia during this time of distress.


Raising Hope - Bridge of Hope Benefit Dinner

One hundred and fifty people attended Raising Hope, Bridge of Hope benefit dinner at Wakehurst Golf Club in Seaforth, NSW. The evening was packed with live music, delicious Indonesian food and topped off with guest speaker Mona Saroinsong, CEO of BOH, Indonesia sharing about her life and the work of Bridge of Hope.  WorldShare ministry partner BOH is a Christian NGO in Indonesia giving a hand up to those in deepest poverty through Micro-enterprise loans.

For more information about BOH and how you can stand with them in their work as part of the Millennium Development Goal of halving the world poverty by 2015 go to

Tony Park book launch raises funds for East African ministries

Tony Park dinner

Recently WorldShare held a fundraising dinner in support of our East African Ministries.

It was a wonderful evening of entertainment and a chance to hear about our overseas projects from short term team members who have visited there recently. It was also great to hear from Tony Park about his writing career and adventures in Africa.

The dinner was a great example of how WorldShare is helping to grow God’s Kingdom in East Africa.

Thank you to those who contributed to it's success and generously donated on the evening.

Crisis Appeal - We Need Your Help!

In recent weeks we have all seen and watched with horror the terrible atrocities that are being committed against our Christian brothers and sisters in Northern Iraq. Thousands are suffering, and our hearts ache to stand with them and provide emergency services, supplies, prayers, and love for those in need. We have also heard of the growing humanitarian crisis in West Africa as Liberia has been hit with the worst case of Ebola in history. More than 900 people have died from this disease.

We now have the opportunity to join our international affiliates – Partners International USA and Partners International Canada – who are championing a coordinated response to both crises.  In Iraq, our local ministry partner Iraq Evangelical Church will provide medical centres to assist refugees, provide medical teams and pharmacy services, and distribute packages of food, water and blankets. In Liberia, the Association of Independent Churches of Africa (AICA) will reach 1,200 families and bring awareness about the Ebola virus, explain prevention methods, answer any questions about the disease that residents have, distribute packages and train local leaders to educate others.

We can stand together united in prayer and help bring relief today to those who need it most.  Your gift will bring the blessing of Christ to so many people. Help us by making a secure online tax-deductible donation right now! 

To help our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, click HERE. To help stop the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, click HERE.


Vivian Kityo shares about her walk with God

Recently, Vivian Kityo of Wakisa Ministries, Uganda travelled to Australia to share about her mission and her walk with God.

Vivian runs Wakisa Ministries, a pregnancy crisis centre which offers temporary shelter and pre and post-natal care. It runs vocational skills training in areas such as cooking, gardening and craft, providing the  women with a means to support themselves and their children  after they  leave the  centre. Wakisa also assists the teenage mothers in the reconciliation process with their families.Wakisa Ministries was born out of Vivian Kityo’s vision to support young pregnant women who had been rejected or abandoned by their families. The word Wakisa literally means “God is merciful”. The ministry was established as a vehicle for God’s love, compassion and mercy towards these vulnerable young women.

Vivian Kityo

Vivian was blessed with a fruitful visit and the opportunity to share with many people during her time in Australia, opening their hearts to the mission of Wakisa.

Listen to Vivian's captivating interview with Dwayne Jeffries on Open House. 

End of Financial Year Appeal

With the end of the financial year around the corner, we encourage you to consider giving a tax-deductible donation to our 'where most needed' fund.

Alternatively, you may wish to give a non-tax deductible donation to further reduce our critical operating costs or to our Christian witness ministries supporting pastors, workers, and church planting, for it is through this that we bring eternal transformation.


View the 2014 End of Financial Year Letter.

Donate to the End of Financial Year Appeal.


Women's High Tea in support of Wakisa Ministries

Wakisa Ministry

WorldShare is excited to be hosting a Women's High Tea fundraising event at the Kew Golf Club to raise funds to support Wakisa Ministries. The event will feature a talk from Vivian Kityo over High Tea. We extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to spend an afternoon of fellowship with Vivian and the WorldShare team. Coffee, tea, sandwiches and a beautiful assortment of cakes will be provided and drinks may be ordered at the bar. Tickets may be purchased individually or book a table of 8 for your family and  friends.

Wakisa Ministries Uganda runs a pregnancy crisis centre which offers temporary shelter and pre and post-natal care. It runs vocational skills training in areas such as cooking, gardening and craft, providing the  women  with a means to support themselves and their children  after they  leave the  centre. Wakisa also assists the teenage mothers in the reconciliation process with their families.Wakisa Ministries was born out of Vivian Kityo’s vision to support young pregnant women who had been rejected or abandoned by their families. The word Wakisa literally means “God is merciful”. The ministry was established as a vehicle for God’s love, compassion and mercy towards these vulnerable young women.

Date         Saturday 10th May

Time         2- 4 pm

Cost         $40

Venue      Kew Golf Club

                 120 Belford Rd,

                 East Kew VIC 3102

Contact   Kate Munns


                 Ph: 03 9899 2044

                 M: 0425 724 179


 Book now

Typhoon Haiyan Update

The most powerful storm ever recorded swept across the Philippines in November 2013. 6,000 lost their lives, and millions were left without food and shelter. WorldShare has sent $71,000 for disaster relief. More than 1,300 families severely affected by Typhoon Haiyan have received food kits and 120 shelter packs comprising metal roofing panels, tools and nails. These have been distributed to families desperately in need of permanent shelters. “We praise the Lord for the gifts received for the victims of the typhoon,” writes Dr Alfredo de Guzman, Director of the Philippines Missionary Fellowship.

A feeding program is planned for 850 children in 17 communities where children are going hungry. Many schools are still closed in these areas. $16,000 is needed to fund this program over a two month period. In April 2014, depending on the provision of an additional $41,700, 14 of the most severely damaged PMF churches will be repaired. These structures not only provide a place of worship, but also serve as community and refugee centres.

Pastor Rolando Duero describes the spiritual growth in his church members after the typhoon. “The church was the first to respond to the needs of the community. Unbelievers have begun to seek the Lord, attending church and reading the Bible for the first time.” He and the church are now treated with respect because of the evidence of God’s grace.

“Prayer is integral to the distribution process,” says Pastor Duero. “Victims are not just physically in need, but are also emotionally depressed and spiritually confused. Their houses and crops are damaged or totally destroyed. Conditions became so bad that people were scavenging with animals for scraps of food.”

It has been a long, hard journey and it is not over. The media have moved on to other crises, but God is still at work accomplishing His purpose in the Philippines. Dr de Guzman writes, “Thanks so much for the wonderful ways you have helped our people and may God bless you.”

Please continue the journey with us through your prayers and support to bring HOPE to the Filipino people.



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