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Short Term Teams

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Each year we are able to send small and large teams of people to spend time with our Ministry Partners, encouraging them, providing skilled support and training and working together to transform lives. You can make a difference in the world today. God equips each of us with unique gifts and capacities. Why not use the skills He has given you to serve those who do not have the opportunities you have had?

Upcoming Short Term Teams

June 10th - 18th 2017

English Teaching Camp

Teaching English to UKRIM University students in Yogyakarta.

We still have limited places in our UKRIM trip. Please contact us at if you would like to register to join us on our UKRIM trip.


English Teaching Camp

Teaching conversational English to secondary students in DuAn, Guangxi with A&A Ministries.

The next English Teaching Camp has been postponed from 2017 to 2018 due to Chinese Government permit requirements. As soon as we have more information about dates for 2018, we will reschedule the camps. You can register your interest for the 2018 camp at

How do I apply?

To register your interest in attending one of our Short Term Team trips simply email and one of our Short Term Team coordinators will be in touch with you.

Training and Preparation

When you go, expect to spend time learning and understanding the partner’s ministry as well as being able to share your time and talents in meaningful ways. Preparing and equipping the team’s starts approximately 2 months before the teams go. It is essential to be a part of this preparation.

WorldShare wants to ensure that you get the most out of the time, effort and money you are spending on your trip. Getting to know the team leader and members as well as preparing for your time on the field is best practice for any mission trip. The team meetings will include the logistics for an overseas trip, your re-entry, spiritual and team preparation, preparing for your ministry while you are on the field, and being able to develop your own support team back home.

We will also spend time to learn about the partner ministry, and the team will be able to participate in raising finances for a team project for the mission field.

The team sessions will equip you not only for your Short Term Trip, but will be a blessing for your Christian life.


Costs for trips are dependent on local costs and international airfares. The costs vary from around $1,000 - $2,000 plus airfares depending on the destination.


Each team member will be part of a team project to raise funds for the partner ministry you will be visiting. The project you will be involved with varies from team to team. The average amount we aim for is about $1,000 per team member. We don’t wish to just go, but to leave something on the field that will be a blessing!

Where could I go?

WorldShare is responsible for 12 ministries worldwide, where our partners are involved with hospitals, Bible Colleges, orphanages, training of pastors, education, community development, church planting, relief aid and economic development.

  • AFRICA: Democratic Republic of the Congo or Uganda
  • ASIA: India, China, Indonesia or the Philippines

What kind of skills do I need?

Each WorldShare team is invited by the field ministry to serve them. The skills, capacities and interests of the team members are matched to fit the needs of our partners. WorldShare sends teams that run English camps, medical clinics; children’s ministry, teaching and pastoring, as well as teams that are ministry focused. Often teams will have a combination of activities that allows the members to serve in a variety of ways. The team’s size varies from 10 to 150 people depending on the needs.

How does the WorldShare Team benefit partners in the field?

All our trips are ‘field driven’ or requested by our partners, whether it is a medical trip, an English camp, or pastor training.  We aim to match your skill sets with the opportunities on the mission field for short-term mission trips.Our teams are varied in purpose, just as our partners ministries are varied, but all are working to see their communities transformed for Christ.

Our national partners benefit immensely as teams come and serve them. The teams do things the locals are unable to do.

Your church will benefit as they are able to increase their capacity to be a blessing to the poor, needy, and the lost in the most unreached parts of the world.

You personally will benefit as you grow in your experience and capacity to serve God.